Help Videos

Student Help Videos:

Below is a list of videos that will walk you through all the aspects of the Secure Student Area. Please note that while "Redland High School" is used as the example in all the videos, the features and processes are exactly the same on our careers website.

Just click on the video image for each topic to watch it.

1. Creating an Account.  
2. Logging Into Your Account.  
3. Updating Your Profile.
    - Name
    - Email Address
    - Password
4. The Interests Test.  
5. Skills and Abilities.  
6. Work Values.

7. The Mock Job Application.  
8. Creating a Resume.  
9. Creating a Cover Letter.  
10. The Career Planner.
(Career Action Plan in Vic.)
11. The Career Investigator.  
12. The Digital Portfolio.